yacsmd meaning and definition

yacsmd meaning

Computer shorthand for: You all can suck my dick.

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YACSPE meaning

An acronym for "You're A Cock Sucking Penis Eater"

YACT meaning

yet another conspiracy theory

Yacteria meaning

A cafeteria experience that leaves one ill/sick.

yactosecond meaning

A septillionth of a second.

Yacub 7 Ali meaning

A racist, black, hate monger who teaches that black people can and do cause cancer in whites with their eyes. Also known as Jacob 7 Ali.

Yacumkah meaning

(n)A yamakah that has been jizzed in. For the use in a practical joke.(Not to be used in real life only if the jew is seriously annoying). (v)Yacumkah-ed. To perform a practical joke, which consists of someone jizzing in a jew's yamakah. Hopefully getting them to wear the once a simple and plain yamakah, now a yacumkah so that it sticks to their head.

ya cunt meaning

Its 2 scotish slang words..ya means you & cunt means (Fanny which also scotish slang for vagina/pussy),

Yacuntya meaning

A term of endearment in Ireland

yacuntye meaning

A Belfast term basically callin someone a cunt. Strangely it could be used as a term of endearment so instead of calling someone buddy you could say "hows it going yacuntye?"

Yaczibe meaning

a: Tree of life. b: Place where the souls are born. c: Creation. d: Place (tree) where the good souls dwell.This name was created from two original words; Yaxche and Ceiba. Yaxche is the word that the Mayan tribes called the tree of life or creation.. Ceiba is the tree that the Mayan tribes would hold sacred to give respect to CREATION, LOVE, LIGHT, TRUTH and Knowledge