ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA meaning and definition


ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is a way of expressing happiness, excitement, joy ect. ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is spelled with six A's in the first ZA and fifteen A's in the second ZA as repeated numerous times by the original creator. The original creator of ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is Collin Fiol. (a.k.a the awesome merch dude from the band Late Nite Reading)

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zaac meaning

the act of "tomahawking" or "supermaning" or even scrapping ones knee.

Zaafer meaning

Complete an utter douchebags who act quiet and shy but are secretly judging and hating on everyone. This type of person only use others when they need them, but do so in a subtle manner. You wouldn't even know it was happening to you. Obsessed with gaining weight and muscle, they look down on anyone who is not of similar body type. They don't care who they hurt as long as they reach their goals, which seem to consist of the aforementioned muscle gain, knowledge of medicine and maybe basketball. Zaafers fall in love only once, at the age of 15 and will never fall in true love again. They usually leave their true loves after being blinded by their goals around the age of 18 but will come to regret it later on in their lives.

Zaafirah meaning

The sweetest, nicest and most faithful person you will ever meet. Not only is she the most loyal friend, but she will also make you feel admired, no matter what. In the end, you'll have no other option but to love her.

zaah meaning

Another word for confuse -zaahd- confused -zaahing- confusing

Zaahid meaning

Zaahid is that kind of guy every girl would want, he is caring , hot, sexy handsome and cute hes amazing at soccer he was told he plays like Zidane and Ronaldo He is just amazingEvery girl wants to be with himIf you ever meet a Zaahid before just remeber he is the best

Zaahiraa meaning

Name of a guy which might sound a little girly, but is offcourse a guy's name! This name is generally given to guys who comes from south of the Maldive islands.

Zaak Alex meaning

Used to explain something thats just plain awesome.

zaakeeya meaning

The most beautiful girl in the world. Better than your new and exciting girlfriend. Takes no shit because she said the shit.

zaakir meaning

A person who is some type of annoying but not full annoying. They can be fun sometimes and thoughtful to. But really annoying

Zaakirah meaning

Prettiest person you will ever meet. Gets anxiety about EVERYTHING but she is an amazing person to rant at. She cares about everyone but sometimes if your angry all she says is 'lol'. always shy about getting attention from guys.