Zabbalust meaning and definition

Zabbalust meaning

Arguably the most powerful spell in World of Warcraft Zabbalust Level Attained: 70 Race: Zabbanite Class: Any Cooldown: 30min Rank 1 Increases competency of all raid members in a 40 yard range by 30% for 8 minutes. Cannot be dispelled.

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zabbi meaning

Express how you feel, be expressive. Originated in Los Angeles.

zabbiness meaning

adj. n. Used in a context to show a simple pleasure in something, usually associated with a slight shrug of the shoulders, an easy shaking of the head, squinting of the eyes, and a ridiculously large, joyous smile.

zabble meaning

to compose, write or produce.

zabboobly meaning

1. A funny noise which is hard to describe.

zabbot meaning

word solely used to throw someone off guard and make them say "what?" after this, one says either MEHHHHDICCKKK or ME VA JAY JAY depending on the recipients sex