Zabella meaning and definition

Zabella meaning

An athletic, kind hearted girl. She is extremely nice and good-looking. She is the kind of girl that you would hate not to know. She has a great personality, and makes you laugh and smile every time you're with her. You are never bored when ever she is around. She has long hair that always looks amazing but her modesty makes her think otherwise. Her looks aren't the only things that are good, so are her grades. She is very smart and can keep a conversation going.

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Zabelle meaning

Zabelle, a name which is typically Armenian. Containing the word 'belle' meaning the French word for 'beautiful'. Zabelle is amazing and beautiful.

zabel theory meaning

the way my boyfriend figured out how to finger my clit by rubbing faster and harder not circular motion

zabenya meaning

Adj. description of something cool or awesome, usually describing a trick/stunt

zaber meaning

Penis in Arabic

zabernism meaning

The act of bullying or being agressive.