Zabo meaning and definition

Zabo meaning

A warm baloney sandwich served in prison.

Zabo meaning

The last name of a line of ridiculously sexy, smart, handsome, and all-around good looking men.

Zabo meaning

Zabo, or Zabo Racing, is the name of a Class-1 Powerboat team presently competing in the World Championship. The team was created in 2010, bringing together some of the most experienced names in Class-1 and professionals in every discipline.

Zabo meaning

A word describing a girl who allows a guy to ford her. see fording.

Zabo meaning

A saxaphone. A Jazz music term.

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zabob meaning

Actually an acronym Z.A.B.O.B.Zombie Apocalypse Bug Out BagThe bag you have prepared in case of a zombie apocalypse.

zabobulated meaning

the situation is perfect, and cant get any better. but is getting better and better every second.

Zaboca meaning

The trinidadian word for Avocado; Edible pear shaped or round fruit with an egg shaped seed. The flesh is green on the outside and turns yellow closer to the seed.

zaboinga meaning

A word used for an exclamation of wonder like WOW!, for example. Also can be used in agreement of extreme cases.

Zaboomafoo meaning

Another word for african american, used as slang.

Zaboomaphilia meaning

Sub-diagnosis of Zoophilia: The specific sexual attraction to lemurs.Zaboomaphilia came to the attention of the psychiatric community in 1999, following the release of the children's show, Zaboomafoo, featuring the nature loving pedohippies, the Kratt brothers. Both siblings were later diagnosed as Zaboomaphiliacs.

zaboon meaning

1. The unit of measurement for the number of zebras in a herd greater than three. 2. The unit of power for all cars in Africa.

zaboona meaning

a zaboona is a type of a blob, i.e. a fat cock.

Zaboopity meaning

When a ginger decides that is cool to make a stupid word that suddenly everyone uses such as this one. Then someone makes a definition for it while getting a dirty avalanche.

zabopafoo meaning

noun: a very veryy very gay person.