Zabuza meaning and definition

Zabuza meaning

The most awsome ninja in an anime called naruto which completely pwns you soul and has a huge sword but gets owned by Kakashi

Zabuza meaning

Hidden Mist Ninja known os the deamon or devil of the Hidden Mist. Attempted to overthrow the Mizukage. Expert at the silent killing technique. Wields a giant sword and likes little boys. One of the seven shinobi swordsmen.

Zabuza meaning

Describes one that has a big sword and a strange interest in gender confused minors.

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Zabuza momochi meaning

The most Ass-Kicking Ninja in the series "Naruto". He wields the massive blade called Kubikiri Houcho or Head chopping blade. He is the coolest of the Naruto Ninjas after sakura (In my Opinion that is) He has some of the best moves such as Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu and Giant Vortex Jutsu.

Zabwatch meaning

Being responsible to some f**king female who after drinking copious amounts of alcohol turns into a complete an utter retard and needs constant supervision!

zab zab meaning

to come back to place of employment from lunch unable to speak properly(usually due to intoxication)

zabzoob meaning

When a zb (dick) is not in puberty age (young dick)

Zabzula meaning

Unusually large male genetilia