Zac Dvorak meaning and definition

Zac Dvorak meaning

Quite possibly the coolest cat in the cave. See that guy.

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Zaceavel meaning

A World of Warcraft Player on Dragonblight. Imba palas

Zaced meaning

To be Zaced you need steal someone kill and or loot.

zac effron meaning

a fag with no talent that pretends to be straight but really is as gay as the jonas brothers

Zac Efraud meaning

A Hate term used for high school musical star Zac Efron. People who use this term have passed the 5th grade and know that High School Musical is a bunch of bullshit. See: Zac Efraud From Bitch School Musical

Zac Efraud from Bitch School Musical meaning

Hate term for the star of High School Musical: Zac Efron from High School Musical. Used by people over 10 years old. See: Zac Efraud, Bitch School Musical Zac Efron from Bitch School Musical, Zac Efraud from High School Musical.