Zach Jones meaning and definition

Zach Jones meaning

A Marijuana smoking genius, defined as one of the best looking men as far as history can go back, this man has the most tallent and ambition than most people, he rarely fights but when he does faces are permanently damaged. he can be a lazy bastard but that is his only flaw. his touch with women is orgasmic, never once described as "OK" or "Kidna Good" its always "FANTASTIC" or "The Best Ive Ever Had". He only Hangs out with fly people and PIMP'S, But he is considered "KING PIMP". always well dressed and smells like marijuana smoke or cherry scented vagina. Its known to be good luck to pull down his pants and suck his penis, unless you get smacked in the mouth kuz your ugly. he has vanquished any obstacle in his path and always will. If you meet someone with this name you must bow as if he was a god because he is similar to a god.

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zachkiel meaning

Zachkiel is a guy mostly keeps things to himself but he is very caring but a perv aswell but he takes romance to another level and makes the spark in your relationship and he rocks your world in bed.He's such a joker and he always cheers you up

Zach Konrad meaning

Sweet innocent and prude. will never get into anyones pants because he is too prude. generally nice guy but because of this will never get any action because hes to scared of girls

Zachlar meaning

A secret society made up of uniformistic cellar-dwellers that weasel around by night producing over-exaggerated, scrupulous, noises for all night smokers to perceive.

zachlarry meaning

a wild jackass who fights men to get their pussies sitting in the background

Zach Lind meaning

Drummer from Jimmy Eat World. Is in love with Phill Collins

zach lipi meaning

A Niggah with a dead ass, hence dead ass, and has an extremely small dick and usually inserts sharpies into his dead butt hole. His real name is Puchowitz the Jew and he is lit fire fam!!!

Zachlockhart meaning

Zachlockhart: 1: A person, preferably male, who continuously tells excessively detailed stories that give far to much information. The story is usually completely irrelevant and could easily be summed up shortly. The story teller usually goes off on random tangents during the story, bringing the listener(s)to a point of wanting to kill themselves. 2: A person who continuously shuts down other's ideas, no matter how good the idea is. After shutting down the idea, the person will bring up a sup-par idea themself, and expect others to go along with it. 3: Someone who is extremely stubborn, and will argue at length over an issue that is completely immaterial. Even if they are losing in the arugment they will continue arguing simply because they refuse to admit they were wrong.

Zach Louch meaning

N. - The most amazing person I have ever known. An unbelievably great friend, somebody who will always be there for you , no matter what harm may come upon him. A selfless individual, who always puts himself last, even when he knows he shouldn't. He is also a great woman seducer, and known to usually have the urge to have sex for 7 hours. Overall, he's the perfect person that you could ever have in your life. My best friend and I love him with all my heart.

zach lover meaning

A zach lover is a person who loves a guy named zach

Zach Lucero meaning

one sexy nigga. tall, dark, and handsome. someone who loves the color white. tends to be homosexual, and loves attention and music. dresses in tie dye and has amazing friends.