Zach-move meaning and definition

Zach-move meaning

A Zach-move is something that someone could do that is extremely unnecessary and pointless. Normally it is a stupid thing to do. -derived from something that my friend does often.

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Zach munger meaning

guy with a 16 inch dick.

Zachmyer meaning

A b.a family of German decent who wrestles, hits 800ft. dingers, and slays chicks on there free time.

zachne meaning

anyone who has the name zach and has achne all over their body

zachness meaning

Some who is a little nancy that must always check his facebook before masturbating. Someone who must trick girls to make out with him. Someone who wears several shirt sizes too small but tries to hide it with under armor AKA smedium.

zach nichols meaning

A piece of shit, that hangs from the hole in between your ass cheeks.

Zach Noble meaning

The coolest, most layed back guy you know. Zach is always ready for a party but is usually cool with relaxing too. Definition of a socialite, insightful, some times a man whore, but always fun. Zachs are more than likely amazing people who are sometimes stubborn but get what they want.

zach off meaning

someone who is a total jack off yet still retains the ability to look cool doing it; the act of zaching off

Zacholas meaning

One of the top names people are naming their babies now.

zachonne meaning

Zachary Levi + Yvonne Strahovski = Zachonne

zachorious meaning

foreign, odd, or strange.