Zacharias meaning and definition

Zacharias meaning

Usually a boy/man/male that is exremely attractive. They have tempers and a fighting spirit. gotta llove those boys. Know how to touch a girl's heaert or punch a rival in the face like the dirty punk he is. crazy honest and almost stupid daring. also reminds people of ancient days.

Zacharias meaning

A cool person who turns out to be the the fresh prince of Nigeria. He is albino Nigerian

Zacharias meaning

often the name of greedy jews and gay dancers

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Zacharie meaning

Someone that is often exotic usually French.They are smart and sweet whilst also being sexy.Very sweet natured.Also usually handsome and tall.

Zacharius meaning

A male who's original name is Zachary. This person tends to be very boring, but is a very nice person.

Zacharo meaning

Zacharo is a city found in the Southern part of Greece.It is also the name of a girl who is perfect in every single way. It is the name of the girl that means everything to the person that is with her.

Zachary meaning

1)The most incredible guy in the world 2)Someone who will always be the arms to hold me 3)Someone who keeps his word 4)Someone who is very confident in himself but not arrogant 5)A man of integrity and respect 6)The one person who will always make me feel beautiful 7)The one who I will never get bored of talking to 8)Someone who puts his all into everything he does 9)My Best Friend in the whole world 10) THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!

Zachary Allen Brown meaning

He's the love of my life and my other half. I love him, more than anything in this world, and I can't wait to some day spend the rest of my life with him. He's everything I've ever wanted in a guy, and I'm so grateful to be his.