Zachary Tyler Proctor meaning and definition

Zachary Tyler Proctor meaning

The Sweetest Boy in the WHOLE World. He will give you butterflies in your stomach without even having to try. He WILL make you smile more than you ever have before in your life. One glance at him and its over: you've fallen hard. :)

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ZacharyV meaning

A ZacharyV is someone that is amazing,friendly,Sweg,Freedy,Swergs,Nice dressing,nobody can beat of the party,skinny,cool,most popular kid in the school,good with weopens, sporty, loves to eat, white,hates justin bieber.

zachary vance meaning

The best man in the world nobody can beat him at all he is handsome,smart,life of the party,Killer sports player, he gets all the babes and the cheerleaders.nice dressing,Zach is the best.Zach can never be beat

Zachary Vance Hlavac meaning

a star in the making!

Zachary Zarowny meaning

A Person who often tends to look act and talk like a fag (otherwise known as a gay person)He tends to be very ugly and dense. Usually these kinds of people have been raped whenthey were children.

zachass meaning

A person named Zach that has a tendency to behave foolishly, thus making him a jackass.

Zach Attack meaning

(V) Though the name suggests violence, it is an action of truth and love inspired only by people as groovy as Zach's. The process of screaming to, jumping out at, and randomly hugging a Zach.

Zachawee meaning

1.) (noun) An old, non washable stain or mark found in old undergarments, usually caused by uncontrollable amounts of fecal matter suddenly exiting the asshole into the undergarments with no warning 2.) (verb) the act of creating a Zachawee 3.) (verb, as a vocal expression) to yell "Zachawee!" is a sign to the surrounding individuals that a stain has entered the premises

Zach Ayers meaning

A Person who made the quality flipping cringe videos on a YouTube channel called "ApertureRift" . Known today as the FAMOUSE YOUTUBER "Swagmaster". IT"S TREMENDOUS!!! He also has another channel called "DapperSkull" which is also very Tremondous!!!!

zac hayes meaning

One of the world's greatest writers/actors and star of many independent films.

zachbessette meaning

a ginger who masturbates constantly