z00l meaning and definition

z00l meaning

A sexy term meaning to eat mortal flesh without warning.

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z00r meaning

given to those of royalty or of the ''leet'' class sometimes acused of being a cheater or hacker/haxor z00r goes on the end of your name to show leet-ness

z00t meaning

used to describe the buzzing noise that people make when they cough, sneeze, and choke at the same time

z00t z00t meaning

z00t z00t stands for "zooting" a joint

z00tz0r5 meaning

A mix between the leet language and english, it implies something of fast speed or that is moving at great speed. It is also sometimes used as sarcasm about something that is really slow.

Z02 meaning

One of the greatest rock bands out there. Including Joey Cassata, David Z and Paulie Z... all of which are amazingly hott and extreemly talented. some of there songs have a 70's classic rock feel to them which is nice to hear in todays music. AND IF YOU HAVNT SEEN THESE GUYS LIVE DONT PASS UP THE CHANCE!!!! theyre even better in person. All of them are so down to earth and personable. Ive met them on several occasions and i just cant say enough good things about them!