z00t z00t meaning and definition

z00t z00t meaning

z00t z00t stands for "zooting" a joint

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z00tz0r5 meaning

A mix between the leet language and english, it implies something of fast speed or that is moving at great speed. It is also sometimes used as sarcasm about something that is really slow.

Z02 meaning

One of the greatest rock bands out there. Including Joey Cassata, David Z and Paulie Z... all of which are amazingly hott and extreemly talented. some of there songs have a 70's classic rock feel to them which is nice to hear in todays music. AND IF YOU HAVNT SEEN THESE GUYS LIVE DONT PASS UP THE CHANCE!!!! theyre even better in person. All of them are so down to earth and personable. Ive met them on several occasions and i just cant say enough good things about them!

Z06 meaning

An option package on the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray. Featuring heavy-duty shocks, higher-rate springs, bigger brakes w/ metallic linings, and last, but not least: a monster 36.5-gallon fuel tank in the back. With a full tank, about 55% of the car's weight was over the rear axle.

z06 corvette meaning

basically, a z06 corvette is a fast, but shitty quality american made car

Z0ccing meaning

Another word for an extreme liar. This can be used in any situation and with reference to any lie.