z06 corvette meaning and definition

z06 corvette meaning

Made by Chevy in 1963 to quality them for pro road racing. The Z06 was and still is the top performing Corvette model.

z06 corvette meaning

Affordable US sportscar; great performance though it lacks the refinement of what it's trying to compete with. Features an hand built all-aluminum OHV 7.0L LS7 small block producing 505 HP @ 6300 RPM and 470 lb-ft of TQ @ 4800 RPM with a redline of 7000 RPM. The powerplant is hooked to a close-ratio 6 speed rear transaxle. It weighs in at around 3130 lbs and the chassis is made of hydroformed aluminum and magnesium. The body is made of composites and carbon fiber. It features fully independent suspension consisting of double wishbones on all four corners, dampeners, anti-roll bars, and two transverse single ply leaf springs instead of coil springs. The use of leaf springs in the Corvette is not to be confused with leaf spring suspensions used in trucks and older cars; they are two completely different things. The Corvettes transverse leaf springs serve the same purpose as coil springs in other vehicles, but they are lighter, allow for the vehicles mass to be closer to the ground, and allow for lighter anti-roll bars since they can assume some of that duty. They're main disadvantage is that they are more expensive than coil springs. The Z06 offers very impressive performance for it's price; it's track times are on par with some of the greatest production performance cars in the world

z06 corvette meaning

427ci monster that cost 65k and run with cars 3 and 4 time it price. It is fast at ¼ and in the track. Second fastest car at the n-ring.

z06 corvette meaning

a nice car made by chevy. it is easily affordable. it is also a MUSCLE car not sports car.

z06 corvette meaning

A very fast american sports car with 405HP Stock. You see this engine has 405HP Stock. Their is no Honda, Acura or any poorly made import that has 405HP stock. In fact they all are garbage. The Z06 Corvette is a very fast car that will smoke imports. Just face it, imports are garbage. Sure you can make a Geo Metro run 7s on a quater mile, but it is still a garbage car. Just like Hondas and other imports.

z06 corvette meaning

basically, a z06 corvette is a fast, but shitty quality american made car

z06 corvette meaning

A nicely built American muscle car. The Z06 Corvette has been a longitme favorite of the American hot-rod crowd who seek strong engines and quick throttle responses in their automobiles. Although the Z06 has a powerful V8 engine and a sleek chassis, it still fails to accomplish the efficiency and the agility of many European or Japanese imports. The Chevrolet powerhouse has yet to produce 100 horsepowers for every liter of its gigantic 7.0 liter engine. Track performance seekers who are not biased regarding the country of origin of their car may consider a cheaper yet equally well performing Japanese import such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR or the Subaru Impreza WRX STi.

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