za meaning and definition

za meaning

Really obnoxious word for pizza, that no self-respecting person uses.

za meaning

a way for lazy-ass kids with restless leg syndrome to say pizza.

za meaning

Abbreviation of "pizza".

za meaning

The only two-letter word containing the letter Z; invented by Scrabble players in order to capitalize on that letter's high point-value.

za meaning

ZA stands for Zuid Afrika. It Is dutch for South Africa. We have to use this cause Sudi Arabia clamed SA the dicks.

za meaning

The international abbreviation and internet top level domain for South Africa. The "Z" derives from "Zuid-Afrika", which is the Dutch name for the country, as Dutch was (with English) the official language of South Africa until Afrikaans superseded it in the 1920s. (The Afrikaans word is "Suid-Afrika", and .sa would seem far more logical, however, this abbreviation has subsequently been used for Saudi Arabia).

za meaning

the ZA (or Z.A.) is an acronym referring to or about the zombie apocalypse, the time during which society will fall to a horde of flesh eating zombies creating an apocalypse to the modern world as we know it, much like the settings of the movies Day of the Dead, 48 Days Later, and Zombieland.

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za1no meaning

Something stupid. He likes it up the pooper sometimes, but most of the time jerks off to "kids in a sand box" video.

zaa meaning

The cool way to say pizza.

Zaaaa meaning

An expression of excitement. When one is really happy about something they often zaaaa, the more a's used the more the excitement.

Zaaaaa meaning

An impulsive exclamation uttered in response to either a ridiculous comment that presents an awkward situation or a misfortune that befalls a person.


ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is a way of expressing happiness, excitement, joy ect. ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is spelled with six A's in the first ZA and fifteen A's in the second ZA as repeated numerous times by the original creator. The original creator of ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is Collin Fiol. (a.k.a the awesome merch dude from the band Late Nite Reading)

zaac meaning

the act of "tomahawking" or "supermaning" or even scrapping ones knee.

Zaafer meaning

Complete an utter douchebags who act quiet and shy but are secretly judging and hating on everyone. This type of person only use others when they need them, but do so in a subtle manner. You wouldn't even know it was happening to you. Obsessed with gaining weight and muscle, they look down on anyone who is not of similar body type. They don't care who they hurt as long as they reach their goals, which seem to consist of the aforementioned muscle gain, knowledge of medicine and maybe basketball. Zaafers fall in love only once, at the age of 15 and will never fall in true love again. They usually leave their true loves after being blinded by their goals around the age of 18 but will come to regret it later on in their lives.

Zaafirah meaning

The sweetest, nicest and most faithful person you will ever meet. Not only is she the most loyal friend, but she will also make you feel admired, no matter what. In the end, you'll have no other option but to love her.

zaah meaning

Another word for confuse -zaahd- confused -zaahing- confusing

Zaahid meaning

Zaahid is that kind of guy every girl would want, he is caring , hot, sexy handsome and cute hes amazing at soccer he was told he plays like Zidane and Ronaldo He is just amazingEvery girl wants to be with himIf you ever meet a Zaahid before just remeber he is the best