zabava meaning and definition

zabava meaning

a huge ukrainian party with dancing and lots of drinking.

zabava meaning

Zabava is in Croatia any kind of party. Zabava is Croatian word for party. I know so because I'm Croatian.

zabava meaning

zabava is also fun. in croatia.

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zabavno meaning

Russians use 'zabAvno' in reaction on smth funny or in response on some funny story. Just for lazy, non emotional people

zabb meaning

(n) the instrument of male temperament.

Zabbal meaning

A very old family name in the country of Lebanon. Lebanese people with this family name usually originate from East Beirut in the triangle of resistance which contains the cities of Furn El Chebbak, Ta7weeta and Ain El Rummaneh. Because the war started in these 3 areas and all the Christian militias had soldiers located there, the three areas formed a triangle of resistance. Its just happens to be before the war started majority of the Lebanese with the last name Zabbal happened to live in these areas. Frankly I lived beside a Zabbal family, very warm and welcoming family through my experiences.

Zabbalust meaning

Arguably the most powerful spell in World of Warcraft Zabbalust Level Attained: 70 Race: Zabbanite Class: Any Cooldown: 30min Rank 1 Increases competency of all raid members in a 40 yard range by 30% for 8 minutes. Cannot be dispelled.

zabbi meaning

Express how you feel, be expressive. Originated in Los Angeles.