zabbi meaning and definition

zabbi meaning

Express how you feel, be expressive. Originated in Los Angeles.

zabbi meaning

Zabbi is a north african word to say 'my dick', 'my cock', 'my penis', 'my junk'. You can use this word to call your friends, if they are too annoying, or being dicks and you can also use it to call your enemies or strangers, but expect a bad reaction. It comes from the word 'Zeb' 'Zab' which means penis.

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zabbiness meaning

adj. n. Used in a context to show a simple pleasure in something, usually associated with a slight shrug of the shoulders, an easy shaking of the head, squinting of the eyes, and a ridiculously large, joyous smile.

zabble meaning

to compose, write or produce.

zabboobly meaning

1. A funny noise which is hard to describe.

zabbot meaning

word solely used to throw someone off guard and make them say "what?" after this, one says either MEHHHHDICCKKK or ME VA JAY JAY depending on the recipients sex

Zabdi meaning

Usually a hot brunette with big beautiful brown eyes. If you ever meet a Zabdi you'll never forget her. There's just something about her that you can't let go of, so good luck if you're trying to forget her bud. She's the most trustful and caring person you'll ever meet. And I mean not that butts matter...but damn...she's got a fine one. Can always turn a nigga on with her way of speaking and everything about her basically...and if you know a zabdi dude I'm not even exxageratin, consider urself blessed. Oh and again...she's fine asf dude.