zaberously meaning and definition

zaberously meaning

same as seriously but stronger versionshorter versions: zab, zabs, zib

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zaberwops meaning

An absolutely awsome thing on youtube garenteed to get you high.

zabeth meaning

A Male who'm treats the ladies he's seeing like shit, and moves from woman to woman gathering STDs., which is also called a jerkslut

zabetta meaning

Someone who is a "chatty cathy", a gossiper.

zabety meaning

A pretty girl,very athletic,very attractive has small boobs but a big butt her favorite sport basketball

zabi meaning

it's a boy whose not sure if he's a boy. He loves being on aim. he's kinda cool at times but watch out because he gets mood swings. He's totally white but wishes he was black. He likes getting head from BOPS. Over all i think is a really cool kid. and has an awesome heart. and dont fuck with his friends because he'll go east oakland on your ass. YAYUHHHHHHHHH.