Zaboomafoo meaning and definition

Zaboomafoo meaning

A Lemur puppet on a kids tv show, usually on in the mornings. Anyone who has no children or is not under 10 watching this show needs help. See- Psychiatrist - Mental Issues - Lack of Life.

Zaboomafoo meaning

an expression of excitement

Zaboomafoo meaning

The awkward stage before dating someone when they aren`t just your friend but you`re not on-the-go yet.

Zaboomafoo meaning

sexual innuendo. sex move or act involving a banana, K.Y. Jelly, fuzzy cuffs, and a lemur.

Zaboomafoo meaning

Used to describe African American's. It come's from their language because zaboomafoo (zuh-boom-uh-foo) is something they'd say.

Zaboomafoo meaning

Another word for african american, used as slang.

Zaboomafoo meaning

A Leemur On a stupid T.V. show... A disgrace to all Leemurs.

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Zaboomaphilia meaning

Sub-diagnosis of Zoophilia: The specific sexual attraction to lemurs.Zaboomaphilia came to the attention of the psychiatric community in 1999, following the release of the children's show, Zaboomafoo, featuring the nature loving pedohippies, the Kratt brothers. Both siblings were later diagnosed as Zaboomaphiliacs.

zaboon meaning

1. The unit of measurement for the number of zebras in a herd greater than three. 2. The unit of power for all cars in Africa.

zaboona meaning

a zaboona is a type of a blob, i.e. a fat cock.

Zaboopity meaning

When a ginger decides that is cool to make a stupid word that suddenly everyone uses such as this one. Then someone makes a definition for it while getting a dirty avalanche.

zabopafoo meaning

noun: a very veryy very gay person.

Zaborski meaning

A person with a face that resembles an Owl.

Zabourah meaning

Arabic for penis. Can be used as an insult, meaning dick.

zabove meaning

A peaceful and zen-like state of mind that feels like one is floating in the heavens above.

zabr meaning

zabr is slang arabic in lebanese dialect for "dick" or "penis" Usually it is used in a vulgar context. It is the more vulgar word of "penis=ayr" also in arabic. my penis = zabri

Zabra meaning

Word meaning penis or dick in lebanese/arabic.