zabre meaning and definition

zabre meaning

The Arabic word for good friend! It is one the most commonly used words in the arabic language.

zabre meaning

Zabre is an Arabic (Lebanese) slang that means "My Penis", or more like dick. Penis is Zaber, and My Penis is Zabré. In Lebanon, the word is abused for many situations. 1- It is normal between close friends to call each other by curse words hence the word can sometimes be used by male to a male friend, "Kifak Zabre?" compared to "How are you Dickhead?" 2- It can also be used as a curse word like in the sense when someone says "Shit!", "wZaber!" 3- It can be used in the sense like, "come on asshole" as "Yalla ya zabre"

zabre meaning

Means my penis in lebanese arabic

zabre meaning

---'zabre--- noun: shortened version of lightsabre by those with the force verb: to stick someone with your 'zabre proper noun: looser that thinkls he's cool becasue he's obsessed with star wars

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Zabrian meaning

He might also go by Zabe. But, he's really a straight up person. He's had a hard life, and isn't afraid to tell you. He can be the most thoughtful, caring, sweet, fun guy. But he can also lie here and there. Although Zabe is one of a kind, he doesn't like to put up with shit. He's usually looking for fights, and does the most stupidest things, and usually regrets them later. His love life is somewhat complicated. Usually doesn't have very long relationships. He does NOT like the hoes, but he dates some of them anyways for a little time being. He likes girls that are sweet, caring, nice, comforting, beautiful. And he really knows how to make you feel important. But, he can be VERY emotional. The littlest things might set him off and he is quiet and depressed. It is hard to deal with a lot of the time. Tell you what, if you know a Zabe, Zabrian, be there for him. Because he will have your back in no time and care for you like a brother, sister, or he might incidentally fall inlove with you.

Zabrina meaning

There are 577 people with the first name "Zabrina" in the United States. -- Source: whitepages.comZabrina is a variation of Sabrina.There is a '90s Rap album labeled Zabrina. of the name "Zabrina" -- In English, the name Zabrina means- A PRINCESS.

Zabrine meaning

a person who fails at arguing

Zabrolli meaning

The state of flashing green lights

zabroom meaning

Used to describing a moment of pure pleasure. A powerful and wonderful phrase that has even been known to give life on it's mention. Made popular in early 2008 by an evergrowing army of the Zabroom army