Zach Attack meaning and definition

Zach Attack meaning

1.(noun): Zachary "Zack" Morris, the main character from "Saved by the Bell" 2.(verb): The act of doing something very outlandish and/or surprising that brings great joy to many people. (It can only be done by someone named Zack, Zach, Zak, etc.) 3.(noun): A nickname given to any "Zack" who is viewed as spontaneous or unpredictable by his peers.

Zach Attack meaning

(V) Though the name suggests violence, it is an action of truth and love inspired only by people as groovy as Zach's. The process of screaming to, jumping out at, and randomly hugging a Zach.

Zach Attack meaning

when 3 or more people with the name zach (zack) walk around in a group

Zach Attack meaning

the act of taking cock in the mouth and/or ass

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Zachawee meaning

1.) (noun) An old, non washable stain or mark found in old undergarments, usually caused by uncontrollable amounts of fecal matter suddenly exiting the asshole into the undergarments with no warning 2.) (verb) the act of creating a Zachawee 3.) (verb, as a vocal expression) to yell "Zachawee!" is a sign to the surrounding individuals that a stain has entered the premises

Zach Ayers meaning

A Person who made the quality flipping cringe videos on a YouTube channel called "ApertureRift" . Known today as the FAMOUSE YOUTUBER "Swagmaster". IT"S TREMENDOUS!!! He also has another channel called "DapperSkull" which is also very Tremondous!!!!

zac hayes meaning

One of the world's greatest writers/actors and star of many independent films.

zachbessette meaning

a ginger who masturbates constantly

ZachBlogs meaning

Zachblogs: (noun) An individual who is a dumb cunt, and has no feelings. A zachblogs often insults people. Hobbies of a zachblogs include singing seductively, shirtless, and getting flagged on blogtv. hahahaha. (:

Zach Blumberg meaning

A freak of nature who never learns from his mistakes. Also pertaining to a rebellious half Jew.

Zach Bonencamp meaning

A big fucking pussy who thinks he's 10x better then he is. In reality he suck . Sometimes he'll claim to "slay bitches" when in reality he probably takes it up the ass.Synonyms: faggot, pussy, gayboy, thirsty, dumbass

Zach Braff meaning

(verb) to make someone feel like a winner even though they're being hustled or otherwise taken advantage of; to pimp or exploit someone without their knowledge.Derived from a 2013 Kickstarter campaign in which actor Zach Braff successfully convinced fans to donate over $3 million to fund his next movie, even though he had more than enough personal wealth, Hollywood connections, and white male privilege to do it himself.

zachbraffgasm meaning

The feeling you get in your pants when you see you Zach Braff on tv/in a movie.

Zach Brown meaning

Zach Brown- Zach Brown refers to the name of an incredible athlete who is outstanding at everything and is never wrong. Many people say that this name comes along with talents such as singing and dancing. The two biggest accomplishment of being a Zach Brown is being great with the ladies and always wanting to have a great time. Basically it is safe to say if your name is Zach Brown, you are an all around great person and everyone eventually loves you!!! ;)