zach cregger meaning and definition

zach cregger meaning

Zach Cregger is a comedian/actor/writer best known as part of the Whitest Kids U'Know comedy troupe, which was also a hilarious comedy-sketch show on Fuse that has since been canceled (those bitches). He is super funny and completely gorgeous, and while dating the unfairly hot chick who played Cora in Music and Lyrics (fuck you it's 2am and I have work tomorrow I'm fucking tired I'm NOT looking that shit up). After a fire/grill incident while on vacation, his junk was badly burned and is now marbled in color. Incredibly handsome and talented, he is a versatile actor and comedian, playing both male and female roles in WKUK sketches.

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Absolute legend that is pro at AFL, and is an awesome friend. Always there for you ;)

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V. To wish the evil spirit of the well-known high school musical star upon another. N. Any other swear word. A. Amazing, the pinnacle

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