zach de la rocha meaning and definition

zach de la rocha meaning

Vocalist for Rage Against the Machine. Very talented with politically-charged lyrics.

zach de la rocha meaning

Worst singer of all time. He wishes he could sing like Chris Cornell but he must have broken his just because all that comes out when he sings are muffled sounds that sorta sound like a fart. He is lyrically challenged. All he does is repeat himself in his songs.

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Zach Deputy meaning

A great musician. usually plays alone. His unique talent of layering multiple guitar tracks with beet boxing wins over the crown at every gig. His recording skills are only surpassed by his amazing guitar playing and beet boxing mastery.

zach dixon meaning

A guy that shits his pants.

Zach Douch meaning

Absolute legend that is pro at AFL, and is an awesome friend. Always there for you ;)

zach dyer meaning

He is a melt

Zache meaning

The coolest name on the planet. Only awesome people can use the name.

zached meaning

The act of getting a TA for a Class that just spends three hours in a workshop and accomplishes nothing.

Zachedy meaning


Zach Effron meaning

V. To wish the evil spirit of the well-known high school musical star upon another. N. Any other swear word. A. Amazing, the pinnacle

Zacheroni meaning

Zacheroni is like Maceroni but its not.

zachertz meaning

n. zak-urtz Slang for male genital rash. Origin believed to be derived from the colloquial abbreviation of "sac herpe warts" or the informal phonetic pronunciation of "sac hurts". Modern usage applicable to any irritation of the gonads.