zach ham meaning and definition

zach ham meaning

Is a fucking faggot

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Zach Humphrey meaning

A male (usually white) who is wanted by ladies, so he can make sweet, hot, passionate sex at them.

Zach Huss meaning

a boy who is on the gurll side, one who lies other boys, one who is a jewp, one who will lose at everything, even poke wars.. one who is fond of his hoe.

Zachidus meaning

Coming from origin of Gregidus Zachidus is being a complete smartass and being negative about close to everything.

zachiel meaning

The name given for a guy with a tiny penis and has no love for girls

zachified meaning

doing a prostitute then leaveing the state next day finding out you have aids

zachii meaning

a slang word for italian bitch that we all love

Zachikhu meaning

Dating to around 1985, the term Zachikhu was used as a slang by American College Students visiting Japan, who thought it meant "small penis." Of course this meant absolutely nothing, and went on to develop into a term for Stupid American College Students.

Zachimization meaning

A software development term in which you perform optimization of a program by the removal of key features.

Zach in denial meaning

When Zachary emmanuel is in denial that he cant find a girlfriend

Zaching meaning

The act of seducing inappropriately young women without consequence An 18 year old male seducing a 13 year old or younger female.