Zachary James Laidlaw meaning and definition

Zachary James Laidlaw meaning

An ugly fugly turd. Does not brush his teeth. Overdoses on cologne. Thinks he is better than he really is at football. Super skinny bean pole. Gets a crappy haircut about every month. Has a little brother that can fuck him up. Overuses the word "bruh" wayyy too much.

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Zachary James Stevens meaning

The best cornerback in the game. Balls all day errday. Also known as foshizzle. Has the best hands in town and is the coolest kid around. Kills it at soccer and can cross anybody up.

zachary johnson meaning

The biggest fuckboy of all time. Someone who sends nudes to his entire bus. Tries to get with everyone but is unable to because he is a fuckboy

zachary jonas meaning

most amazing guy, all the girls love him, obsessed with himself, best friends with likes of cody linley and mitchel musso, related to the jonas brothers

zachary kelley meaning

Zachary is an amazing boy. He is funny smart and has great taste in women. At times he may seem shy until you get to know him and he becomes outgoing. Zach is a king of the bedroom he always wants to be on top, dominating with his large dick.

Zachary Levi Pugh meaning

Star of NBC's Chuck. Also the most radiant man in the world. Born on September 29, 1980 (15 years before 1995, so hypothetically someone born in that year could still date him in two years.) Earlier in his career, he acted in such shows/films as Less Than Perfect and Big Mamma's House 2. Levi loves video games and even played the video game obsessed Toby in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel.

zachary marcus meaning

a scene wanna be with a black girl friend.

Zachary Meekins meaning

A minor celebrity in Canada, most known for being a musician, but is also known as a comedian, and has made television appearances on programs such as County and was an extra in an episode of Smallville. His music (In Spades) has been featured in programs such as Smallville, County, Entourage, and CSI New York.Singer of In Spades.Was rated badboy number 6 of 10 on Underground magazine's "Naught but Nice, The Badboys of 2010"

Zachary Palmer meaning

A drink much like the famous Arnold Palmer that is mixed with equal portions of Hi-C Orange and Lemonade. This can usually be made at most McDonald Restaurant locations.

Zachary Petrey meaning

He is a cock sucking, dirty clitorus, donnie d loving ass. He is in love with his weiner and he flaps everyday to gay porn. He loves being spanked and having his ass eaten out.