zachiel meaning and definition

zachiel meaning

The name given for a guy with a tiny penis and has no love for girls

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zachified meaning

doing a prostitute then leaveing the state next day finding out you have aids

zachii meaning

a slang word for italian bitch that we all love

Zachikhu meaning

Dating to around 1985, the term Zachikhu was used as a slang by American College Students visiting Japan, who thought it meant "small penis." Of course this meant absolutely nothing, and went on to develop into a term for Stupid American College Students.

Zachimization meaning

A software development term in which you perform optimization of a program by the removal of key features.

Zach in denial meaning

When Zachary emmanuel is in denial that he cant find a girlfriend

Zaching meaning

The act of seducing inappropriately young women without consequence An 18 year old male seducing a 13 year old or younger female.

zaching off meaning

When a guy named Zach, jacks off.Can not be used for someone who is not named Zach.

zachishere meaning

A person who steals jokes and material from people on Twitter and tweets them as if they were their own, with no attribution, re-tweet, or credit given.Can also be used as a verb, as in to "zachishere" someone's joke or material; see also, "zachishered".

Zach-It meaning

To Hide or Conceal, By Inserting into ones own rectum.

Zach Jaco meaning

An extremely funny, caring, amazing guy who loves to party and knows how to have fun. Someone who can be an ass just enough to be cute but CAN piss someone off very easily. Very sarcastic.