Zaching meaning and definition

Zaching meaning

Holding up your muscles in a strong-man pose; showing your support for Zach Lederer and his fight against brain cancer.Synonymous with "Keeleying""Lederer said that with each post in which someone is 'Zaching,' he or she is also supporting 'every cancer patient you come into contact with.'”

Zaching meaning

Verb; Flexing both your biceps showing you are strong enough to overcome illness or cancer; showing that your not weak

Zaching meaning

To lie, extreme exaggeration, unncessary action, utter disrespect

Zaching meaning

The act of seducing inappropriately young women without consequence An 18 year old male seducing a 13 year old or younger female.

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zaching off meaning

When a guy named Zach, jacks off.Can not be used for someone who is not named Zach.

zachishere meaning

A person who steals jokes and material from people on Twitter and tweets them as if they were their own, with no attribution, re-tweet, or credit given.Can also be used as a verb, as in to "zachishere" someone's joke or material; see also, "zachishered".

Zach-It meaning

To Hide or Conceal, By Inserting into ones own rectum.

Zach Jaco meaning

An extremely funny, caring, amazing guy who loves to party and knows how to have fun. Someone who can be an ass just enough to be cute but CAN piss someone off very easily. Very sarcastic.

Zach Jones meaning

A Marijuana smoking genius, defined as one of the best looking men as far as history can go back, this man has the most tallent and ambition than most people, he rarely fights but when he does faces are permanently damaged. he can be a lazy bastard but that is his only flaw. his touch with women is orgasmic, never once described as "OK" or "Kidna Good" its always "FANTASTIC" or "The Best Ive Ever Had". He only Hangs out with fly people and PIMP'S, But he is considered "KING PIMP". always well dressed and smells like marijuana smoke or cherry scented vagina. Its known to be good luck to pull down his pants and suck his penis, unless you get smacked in the mouth kuz your ugly. he has vanquished any obstacle in his path and always will. If you meet someone with this name you must bow as if he was a god because he is similar to a god.

zachkiel meaning

Zachkiel is a guy mostly keeps things to himself but he is very caring but a perv aswell but he takes romance to another level and makes the spark in your relationship and he rocks your world in bed.He's such a joker and he always cheers you up

Zach Konrad meaning

Sweet innocent and prude. will never get into anyones pants because he is too prude. generally nice guy but because of this will never get any action because hes to scared of girls

Zachlar meaning

A secret society made up of uniformistic cellar-dwellers that weasel around by night producing over-exaggerated, scrupulous, noises for all night smokers to perceive.

zachlarry meaning

a wild jackass who fights men to get their pussies sitting in the background

Zach Lind meaning

Drummer from Jimmy Eat World. Is in love with Phill Collins