tahiti treat meaning and definition

tahiti treat meaning

Fruit drink spiked with sugar to practically the point of saturation. Fucking awesome drink that was phased out in the early 90's only to come back in certain areas since then under the name "Tahitian Treat". Unknown if the formula has changed drastically. If you've got bottles of "C"-plus Fruit Frenzy, it'll definitely bring up memories of Tahiti Treat. I've wanted the real deal back for the last ten years though.

tahiti treat meaning

Nectar of the gods. If you know where to acquire some please contact Steve.

tahiti treat meaning

Drew's favorite drink which i unfortunately was unable 2 purchase for him on my road trip since it was nowhere to be found.

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Tahiyat meaning

Usually a loud girl with middle eastern origins. She is a rebel, a revolutionary and she's rare. She tries to be funny occasionally but usually fails. Tormented by the demons inside because of her caged life Tahiyat wants to run away and help others in need. She is very sweet, kind and passionate. She loves to learn for knowledge is her world.

Tahj meaning


tahja meaning

a 5'1 black girl who has an attitude but also has a nice side to her. she enjoys hanging out with her friends and writing poetry. she secretly has insecuritys but ull almost never see them. shes beautiful in and out but always thinks down on herself.she likes guys that secretly like her back but wont ever say so. soon she will be very successful in her career and have a big name.

tah-jai meaning

Tah-Jai is a beautiful and perfect person also known as beaufect. He's a male that you can hold long meaningful conversations with. Tah-Jai's also are known to have very large dicks and fat asses. If you ever meet a Tah-Jai you will be the luckiest person in the world. They are very funny guys who actually have a warm heart. His smile will make you melt like ice cream in 103 degree weather. His words will have your heart racing faster than the speed of light. Tah-Jai should be a man that everyone knows and has. They are caring and have the best interest in you. Tah-Jai's are very sexy. Urban Dictionary describes Tah-Jai's as beaufect people. Please if you ever find a Tah-Jai don't lose him

tahje meaning

Tahje means super smart, sweet, caring, sexy. Usually, Tahje is a name for a person way more awesome than you. Someone named Tahje is normally the best person to be around because he/she knows how to have fun. Tahje is a tech geek and very helpful with advice. Tahje wont leave you and he/she will stay with you forever, always being straightforward and honest. Very loving and the sweetest person on Earth. Tahje is mine :) Tahje is awesome and normally has a huge majestic dick.

tahjee meaning

Tahjee is a beautiful young girl or woman who everyone respects. Mostly scared of but gave no reason to be. Tahjee's are sweet and super hot! They also have edgy sides and can be very violent at times.

tahji meaning

Is a loyal and sexy individual that doesn't get pushed around, friends might call them the life of the party for being extremely goofy

Tahjia meaning

I am Tahjia. Tahjia means lie.

tahjlyn meaning

Cute loving person most likely have big lips good at sports and chill all the boys going to want her she the best friend anyone can have but if she tell u something mean she just telling the truth

tahkai meaning

A Man with a very large penis , who loves females, and is very smart and great at basketball