Ayishah meaning and definition

Ayishah meaning

down to earth, sexy, intelligent, weird, independent, friendly, grown, understanding, and a great listener. Does not like talking on the phone too often, but rather talk in person. Comes from a complicated family but tries to be the best person she knows how to be. Loves to help others. Only keeps a handful of friends. Chooses quality over quantity and loves friends dearly. Enjoys cooking and trying to make herself a better person. Keeps goals in front of her.

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Ayisya meaning

A very good Singer and dancer, shy but wicked at the same time. She fall in love very easily, she is a girl that can do wonders for people and not for herself. Once she love a person she go way out for you. She is beautiful inside out.

Ayitey meaning

An extremely sexy and intelligent black male with an anaconda in his boxers

Ayiti meaning

Ayiti is the Kreyol word for Haiti. People from Ayiti are known as Ayisyens.

AYJO meaning

the arctic youth Jazz orcestra, the wery best!

AYK meaning

As You Know

Aykhan meaning

Aykhan is someone who is always there for you, he may be quite but Sensitive. He has a great personality, Good looking, Very talented, Known or Popular, Charming and a Lady's man. So if your a girl and you meet an Aykhan don't take him for granted.

ayki meaning

And you know it.

AYKM meaning

Short for "Are You Kidding Me"?

Aykmadoerk meaning

It's just a catch word for some Names which short handles the names. It's a an word for "Jerk" too. You can use it as an question and an Statement too.

aykut meaning

the name of a Turkic tribe in northeastern Siberia