b0g meaning and definition

b0g meaning

An area filled with sleeze, unnessicary death, disgusting images, and disturbing indivudals.

b0g meaning

The best fucking website ever.

b0g meaning

i)What minds turn into when left infront of the Internet too long. ii)The watery uninhabited parts ;English. iii)WHERE THE SHITS AT111

b0g meaning

To flame stupid shit others have posted, only to post something worse later.

b0g meaning

to have 2 or more simaltanious orgasms while looking at bog cams

b0g meaning

To eat ones own excrement only to later regeritate it and then procede to eat it for sexual enjoyment

b0g meaning

A dank, putrid lair of unfathomable evil and stale pretzels, infested with nerds and assrapers.

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b0gis meaning

Name for Bjugis, also gays

b0hh meaning

An expression of unknowedness. May be used in place of "darn", "uhh...", "crap!", or "beef."

b0i meaning

a angrogonous lesbian

B0ii meaning

An Internet-popular way to type "boy", "teenage male", "man", or "boyfriend", usually practiced by l33t and gh3tt0 individuals.

b0lly meaning

billy corgan... lead guitarist in the smashing pumpkins