b2a meaning and definition

b2a meaning

b2a = Back to animeIs mostly used in the chatrooms of anime streaming sites to let people know you're done talking, and now it's time to get back to your show.It could also be used irl, but that's just sad, now isn't it?

b2a meaning

Business to Attend

b2a meaning

The greatest counter-strike:source clan to ever be formed, the abreviation b2a stands for back 2 africa

b2a meaning

balls to ass, when u put ur balls into a girl's or guy's anus

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b2b meaning

boner to boner; penis to penis; homoghey to homoghey

B2B Directory meaning

Businessimpex.com is a extensive online b2b directory of indian exporters, importers,manufacturer, wholesalers, suppliers of apparels, bicycle, auto parts, motor parts, fasteners, Forging, machine tools, power press, generators, briquette plants, Generators, hand tools and other engineering components.

B2BH meaning

stands for "born to be horns" as pertaining to all french horn players, coined by the infamous horns of the Center Grove Marching Band

B2 Bomber meaning

During anal sex the balls are stuffed into the anus and you ejaculate "Balls in Bowels" = BB or B2 "While Cumming" = Bomber

B2BR meaning

Boob to body ratio, a mathmatical representation of the size of a girl's breasts. It means how big a girl's boobs are in comparison to her body. The higher a girl's boob to body ratio is, the bigger her boobs are in comparison to her body.