CAA meaning and definition

CAA meaning

Center for Academic Achievement/Advancement, commonly abbreviated CAA. CAA is much like CTY; SAT scores to enter the program are lower, but not by much. Please view the definition of cty for clarification.

CAA meaning

Center for Academic Achievement. Sister program of CTY, but for those with lower scores from the Talent Serch. Still amazinly fun and the best possible way to spend your summer away from home. American Pie, passionfruit, and lanyards for all. French fries, friends, sleepovers, and junk food sent by mail. Activities include: *REAL* Boot camp, improv, step, reading, friendship bracelets, sock wars, kindergarden... And classes too. Mostly called 'camp' 'nerd camp' by campers.

CAA meaning

the term used that can mean either Carly or Christian addicts annonomous. It is a term that stands for devotion from both parties and is exclusive to those who have the specific names and are engaged in a romantic relationship.

CAA meaning

Computer Addicts Anonymous

CAA meaning

Canadian Automotive Association. They tow your car when it breaks down. They can also help you unlock your vehicle if you're stupid enough to leave your car keys inside your locked car, or fill up gas for you if you run out (again, if you're stupid enough).

CAA meaning

Current Assholes of America

CAA meaning

Word used in the Burgettstown area of Western Pennsylvania; referring to an action or defining the use of diction that has been deemed 'cool'.

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caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa meaning

a cullompton style way of saying cunt. an effective way of ussing (caaa) is with /brian

caaaaaaak meaning

when one is blazed, they say caaaaaaak

Caaaant meaning

A word used when an individual is expressing disgust when landing a skateboarding trick incorrectly, getting punched, or getting left behind. Usually used in a school or skatepark environment. In some parts of Australia, it is classified amongst several as a "swear" word.

caaaarrl meaning

A famous llama that enjoys killing people and eating faces.

caaak meaning

Another word for "cock"

caabra meaning

Slang way to say "cunt bro". Its a faster and more urban. Originated in Australia

CAAC meaning

Close At All Costs: Do whatever it takes to take someone home, even if it must be a horrible wildebeest. Akin to going hogging.

Caack meaning

A insult at a person that is mean in character or just a general insult

CAADD meaning

Computer aided attention deficit disorder

CAAF meaning

Caring Activists Against Fur