caabra meaning and definition

caabra meaning

Slang way to say "cunt bro". Its a faster and more urban. Originated in Australia

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CAAC meaning

Close At All Costs: Do whatever it takes to take someone home, even if it must be a horrible wildebeest. Akin to going hogging.

Caack meaning

A insult at a person that is mean in character or just a general insult

CAADD meaning

Computer aided attention deficit disorder

CAAF meaning

Caring Activists Against Fur

CAAH meaning

CAAH, short for "Cute and always horny"Mostly used by people in their teen years to express their desperate need to get laid, often used together with pictures of "good looking people". Commonly used as a hashtag together with a selfie as well. The person usually pouts and tries to look sad.

caahncil meaning

The croydonish way of saying council.

caahnt meaning

how a chav pronounces the word 'cunt' much favoured by council estate scum: age, gender, or generation regardless.

CAAK meaning

The Bostonian word for male penis

caamano meaning

Some fuckwit, will find any possible way to make your life a living cringe.

caanan meaning

the act of rimming a fat chick