Describition meaning and definition

Describition meaning

Another way of spelling description on a bad day.

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describle meaning

di-skrih-bahl -Verb (used with object) --scribled, --scribling 1. to vaguely or ineffectively tell or depict in written or spoken words; give an inaccurate or incomprehensible account of from English "describe", "ramble"

Describtion meaning

That's when you talkin' 'bout yo crib.

Describular meaning

1.The word distributor when spoken by an ignorent black woman on the phone. 2.What happens when you 'ax' 'queshins' that contain very large words

descributive meaning

to describe something or the act of describing or and adjective used for a describing word

Descride meaning

Verb. The act of insulting or putting down a subject. Often mistaken for a misspelling of describe.