j00r meaning and definition

j00r meaning

1337 version of your or you're

j00r meaning

Your or You're

j00r meaning

A "1337" term used to describe "your" or "you are". Used commonly on online games or on other online services.

j00r meaning

You're in leet.

j00r meaning

Its 'teh' leet way to say You. It may seem that 'l33t's like to fakk around with words, and in my belief, Y is a very capable letter to change (just like F)

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j00rab meaning

Hairy ass motherfucker...

j00rbuddy meaning

A member of the clan LCD(Leading Cause of Death). A former Unreal Tournament 2004 player, but now plays Counter Strike Source. Arguably the gayest person on the interweb.

j00r mother meaning

bastard woman from hell in a toilet seawtcvgf tnuymr

j00sux meaning

noun/verb thing It's 1337 for 'you suck' "You Suck" -> "ju Suck" -> "J00 Suck" -> "J00 sucks" -> "J00 Sux" -> "j00sux" often used by n00bs, but also used by geeks to get a reason to mock an non-geek

j00tee meaning

Unreal Tournament 2004, a First Person Shooter by Epic Games.