Jaade meaning and definition

Jaade meaning

A girl with a lot of swag and spunk. She has perfect teeth, and a killer body. She isn't "afraid to get down from time to time", and tells people how it is.

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jaadie meaning

Someone who is usually good at (a) sport(s), fun to be around 'Example: funny dances,rubbing at unknown moments,etc.', cute, loyal to everyone from friends to girlfriend,mainly likes people with a loud voice and weird personality.Along with that a quiet and restrained side.

Jaadu meaning

Some magic up in this bitch

jaaez meaning

pronounced jay-ezj meaning: 1.) thats kool 2.) thats true

Jaaf meaning

Just actin a fool. To be foolish, funny, outrageous.You can be Jaafin, a Jaafer

jaafar meaning

The single most popular motherfucker in existence. Elvis Presley popular...Matt; dude You're so fucking popular you won prom kingJaafar; you don't even know the half of it man, I had sex with the entire cheerleaders team