m00 meaning and definition

m00 meaning

m00 was a trigger bot on the ukdnb Direct Connect hub that chastised anyone who said the word "garage" in main chat.

m00 meaning

n. Word used largely on IRC to express boredom, excitement, apathy, happiness, insanity, or in place of a response which is expected.

m00 meaning

Word said by fishb0t on IRC.

m00 meaning

An expression used frequently by JA members No discernible meaning Owned by derp

m00 meaning

an alternative to ",yo"

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m00b meaning

1. A n00b that is obsessed with Moby. 2. A n00b that looks like and impersonates Moby.

m00c0w meaning

OMFG m00c0w Iz GoDD!!1!11!! LMAO WTFLOL!!!1!

m00ey meaning

Extened version of m00. Is used commonly on the internet and by a few select sad people in real life as a greeting, more than anything else.

m00f meaning

A m00f is a word made up by me and some other people on Neopets.com (Petpetnip didn't make it up, although he was there when it was made up... I made up "moof" and then someone else added the zeroes) and it was made as a substitute word for "n00b", which sounds too much like it meant "newbie". Basically it means an idiot, or someone who is very annoying.

m00fin meaning

1337 for 'muffin'. m00fins can also sometimes be associated with muffin or muffin like pastries which plan to take over the world.