N8clarking meaning and definition

N8clarking meaning

Continuously having sex with women or men a friend has already had sex with. Habitually humping chicks your friends have already humped.

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N8 King meaning

Massive twat

n8m meaning

when you don't care, but you high key dosarcastically meaning "fine", "k", "it's not important", "as if I care" or "it doesn't matter to me"it's common in texting or snapping and because it's abbreviated it highlights just how much you really don't care. It came from "it's not eating me up" to "not eating me" to "n8m", the height of laziness and totally not caring. When spoken it's usually pronounced like "natem" or if they're feeling especially uncaring a mumbled "natm'".

n8 n8 meaning

A closeted shy person often referred to as bubbaJae, he often finds comfort in other men's arms or MDMA, his motivation to get Mary legal is far beyond anyone elses. Can also be called Nathaniel

n8_sk8 meaning

anti christal tattooing skate outlaw in south west...

n8v meaning

noun- Another way to type the word 'Native.' It is commonly used in icons with the saying 'n8v pride!' on them.

n9 meaning

is sooooo goodlooking and is not declining

n9ja meaning

A slang people use on the internet to talk about Nigeria

Na meaning

Narcotics Anonymous- A 12 step program for recovering drug addicts wishing to seek help and support from their peers while getting clean in the literature it states that nothing cane outdo the theraputic value of one addict helping another addict

Na10 meaning

Na10 is a slang term or nickname for Na-ten which means Nathan in an asian accent. This word was originally created by the one and only Nathan Xia.

na3m meaning

Yes. An affirmative reply.