Na10 meaning and definition

Na10 meaning

Na10 is a slang term or nickname for Na-ten which means Nathan in an asian accent. This word was originally created by the one and only Nathan Xia.

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na3m meaning

Yes. An affirmative reply.

NAA meaning

If you can't be bothered to answer or you think it is effort to, then just put, Naa, or you could just be normal and answer! Anyway my YouTube channel is amazing! SoCaLLeD GaMeR

NAAA meaning

A female with a flat ass. No ass At All N Triple A

Naaaa meaning

This is a much stronger and more elaborate use of the word no or na, it is usually used when angry and a loss of words comes to mind, this signifies no and rage, and a sign of short patience all in one

naaaaaaaaaaa meaning

The noise a retard makes when he falls over.

naaaaaahhhhhh meaning

another meaning for the word "no" but more laid back.

Naaaaar Bruv meaning

Used in instances of great displeasure or disagreement between two parties.

Naaaah meaning

The ultimate solution for denying that the problem even exists.

Naaaants een-vwen-yaaaaaaa ma-ba-gee-chi-ba-va meaning

I bet you two horse hooves you got half way through the word and realized it's the opening theme song for The Lion King

naaaargh meaning

A rejection of something in a careless form, as if to call it silly or ridic.