Naaman meaning and definition

Naaman meaning

A rare irish name originating from hebrew, meaning 'pleasant'. Often associated with pleasant or hot looking guys.

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naamat meaning

Being totally wasted, usually stoned. "Faced" would be english version of Finnish word "naamat"

naameen meaning

Juss a Gangsta way of sayin... "do u know what i mean"

naamras meaning

Someone who is a massive nerd and plays with younger children on minecraft

Naam sayn meaning

Naam sayn = Know what I am saying?

naan meaning

A hot girl

naana meaning

Short for banana. You use it when referring to someone who's just done something stupid.

naanaa meaning

a nickname for that dumbass in your class that everybody likes. usually born with a monobrow and if not a squeaky voice.

naan bread meaning

a food but can also be used as a racist term towards white people

naanchos meaning

Naanchos recipe: taken a piece of naan, put some toritlla chips on top, then put cheese and place in the oven to melt the cheese and warm the bread. Take out once naan is fluffy, cheese is melted and tortilla chips are crunchy then add salsa and guac. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you naanchos.. the best hybrid of nachos and naan the world has ever seen

NAANCP meaning

National Association for the Advancement of Non-Colored Persons.