naan bread meaning and definition

naan bread meaning

word used as a nickname for Portuguese Manchester United Winger Nani, first used by defender and fellow team mate Rio Ferdinand.

naan bread meaning

It's made by nannies

naan bread meaning

a food but can also be used as a racist term towards white people

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naanchos meaning

Naanchos recipe: taken a piece of naan, put some toritlla chips on top, then put cheese and place in the oven to melt the cheese and warm the bread. Take out once naan is fluffy, cheese is melted and tortilla chips are crunchy then add salsa and guac. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you naanchos.. the best hybrid of nachos and naan the world has ever seen

NAANCP meaning

National Association for the Advancement of Non-Colored Persons.

na ank u meaning

no thank you, no thankyou

naanman meaning

A racist name for an Indian person.

Naan Slap meaning

Playfully hitting another with baked Indian bread as a token of affection.Something lesbians do.

naanus meaning

A friendly fun insult.Cross between a naan and a anus!

Naanza meaning

A delicacy of pizza toppings on Indian flatbread (naan) baked to order. Can be customized by the type of toppings and is a speciality of Cincinnati, OH, USA.

Naaomi meaning

horny retarded ginger ho who makes sandwiches for a living

Naar meaning

Towards, from Dutch origin

Naara meaning

The most beautiful girl in the world... She's amazingly talented, funny, smart & sometimes can get crazy but she is loved by one special person.