o_0 meaning and definition

o_0 meaning

Oogly boogly eyes. Used to show bewilderment or surprise.

o_0 meaning

Emoticon for an intimidating, bug-eyed glare; no blinking.

o_0 meaning

Dananananananaaa.. Evil hamster!

o_0 meaning

The smily used to show pure ownage when talking to someone who has less of something then you. Eg: Knowledge, Common sense, cash, sexual ability, etc.

o_0 meaning

A emoticon used on websites often to describe shock or bewilderment.

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o0 i o i 00 meaning

A.K.A. o0: Pronounced oh 0h. Training to be The First Maxed Granite Maul/Accumulator Pure In Runescape.

o0nX meaning

The most elite, of the elitest...

o0o meaning

used insted of oooh

o0o0o meaning

A. Solidifies sarcasm B. Expression of shock, surprise, interest, or awe C. Used when there is nothing else to sayNote: Normally used in text communication, but if used verbally the o to 0 indicates a voice inflection.

o0o0o0o0o0o meaning

a sound in which you make whenever somthing gay,sexual, reveling happens for example if your freind bends over with no pants on then its appropriate for it to be sounded