P3N5 meaning and definition

P3N5 meaning

phosphorus nitride, also a strong willed female with a love for office equipment such as lyreco and papermate pens.

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p3ni5 meaning

p3ni5 means penis!it is created by fact that character 'E' looks similar to number 3 when flipped around and character 'S' looks like number 5!if someone wants to write word 'penis' but doesn't want to swear (penis is not a bad word, although some people might think it is) or wants to deliver word differently, he/she will write it as 'p3ni5'!

p3nis meaning

H4x0r term for male genitalia.

P3nis Laz0r meaning

Penis Lazor A Long Bright Lazor That Shoots Out Of A Males Penis During an Aha! Moment.

p3nor meaning

A work-safe, filter-free modification of the word p3n15.

p3nz0r meaning

p3nz0r is another term for penis. Or another commonly used 1337 term for penis.

P3PP meaning

Stands for; Poor 3rd Person, Pleb.Relating to Facebook Status updates that confuse the use of writing in the 3rd person. Incorrectly using I or we, he or her.It's not that difficult you morons.

p 3 r 5 1 a meaning

The Most Epic Pker/Dmer in a game called Runescape.

P3WN meaning

To slaughter, to pone, in nerd language

p4 meaning

Latest chip from Intel

p41n7 meaning

MS written program "Paint" become "p41n7" when a h4x0r uses it. can be used for hacking purposes