UB meaning and definition

UB meaning

Short for "The State University of New York at Buffalo". Is a two campus school where the professors often times lack English speaking skills and classes in mathematics or other departments could and should also recieve credit towards the foreign language requirement. The UB student body is composed of a heavy percentage of Asians and Jewish, dick-loving whores from Long Island (pronounced "Lawn-Guy-Land"). Also known as "Jew-B" (in reference to the heavy Long Island population).

UB meaning

Unexpected Boner

UB meaning

an acronym meaning UNGRATEFUL BITCH man that girl who drives that one black honda accord is a UB mainly of asian decent and likes to play guys and is cheap and selfish and doesnt like to turn their lights on in their big house

UB meaning

when you get a bonner when you dont need one. Unnecessary Bonner.

UB meaning

A simple acronym meaning Ultimate Bro. Typically used to describe an action that is more beneficial to your friend (bro) than yourself. Can also be a description of a person who performs such acts.

UB meaning

A baby that is so ugly (Ugly Baby) that it is cute.

UB meaning

U B, a shortened version of 'U B St00pid'. Only stupider. Was first used by Jesus in Roman Times when he was being trialed by Pilot.

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UB2 meaning

This is an abbreviation used often in personal ads in various on-line services for gay men meaning, “You be, too!”— a call for only other HIV-negative men to respond.

ub3r meaning

A way to be excited, like n00bs R

ub3r1337 meaning

Means 'the best of the best' in leet. Pronounced Uber Leet.

ub3rachiever meaning

a super-successful man or woman of action; dynamo, self-starter, high-flyer, go-getter, winner.

UB3R_GEEK meaning

The geek of all geeks