u4ia meaning and definition

u4ia meaning

1) Netspeak way of spelling "euphoria" 2) The 1337est tracker ever!

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u4l meaning

Unfortunate for life.

u4r meaning

you for real

U-5 meaning

(ECONOMICS) Total unemployed, plus discouraged workers, plus all other persons marginally attached to the labor force, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force. This includes workers who are not counted as "discouraged workers" for minor technical reasons. Therefore, if one wants to cite the percentage of discouraged unemployed, the true figure is U-5, not U-4.The US Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly publishes six estimates of unemployment. The others are U-1, U-2, U-3, U-4, and U-6. Eurostat publishes one monthly estimate of unemployment for the European Union, which is approximately midway between U-3 and U-4.The unemployment statistics for the USA are collected through a monthly Current Population Survey (CPS) (also known as the household survey) and an establishment survey.

U-571 meaning

A bullshit movie of dubious truth. Shows American navymen doing the things that the british did in WWII. The similar events performed by american navymen were towards the end of the war, and immaterial in comparison. But then again, showing americans doing what the british and french did is stereotypical of an american war movie. Anyone notice how american troops dominate every battle in war movies made in the US? At the rate at which that happens, any war would be over in about two weeks.

U-572 meaning

It's that second submarine (WWII) on which the jealous British seamen were chasing after the U-571. An hour late, and a pound short--sorry sammy!!