vabutt meaning and definition

vabutt meaning

the taint between the vagina and the butthole has been ripped, therefor makes one hole, which is now a vabutt

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Vabutullet meaning

A mullet of the Vagina and butt same as a mullet business in the front party in the rear. Where the vag hair is shorter then the ass hair.

Vabz meaning

Wake up on a monday with a nasty hangover then hotbox in a strangers room with a super bong and blackberry blunts. Then head to class

VAC meaning

A vacuum cleaner.

vaca meaning

Spanish word for "cow"

vaca-cheated meaning

when your significant other cheats on you while on vacation. in this case the cheater, usually does it out of lonliness for their partner. sometimes can be excused, but if the cheaters got a cell phone signal not excused. (phone sex IS still an option)once a cheater always a cheater though. tough stuff man

Vacadouche meaning

The annoying friend on social media that insists upon providing and posting constant updates regarding their vacation. The hallmark of the Vacadouche is that they start with pre-vacation countdown posts from 2-4 weeks out. This is followed by travel day updates every minute including in flight postings where air travel and sky hi wifi is available. Then, constant snip it posts and pictures of every mundane aspect of the vacation stay's daily activities. All is consummated at the end with multiple sad postings regarding coming back to reality followed by 2-4 weeks of post-vacation flashbacks. All while you are such a self absorbed Vacadouche to realize that no one gives a shit.

Vacalough meaning

An absence from work where you combine your vacation time and your recession related furlough into an extended break.

vacalove meaning

When you meet someone on a vacation and you have a crush on them. You'll probably hook up with them but you will never see them again. Vacalove.

Vacan meaning

To be Awesome, the Act of Awesomeness. Intensity of Opinion of Awe.

VacaN1g meaning

VacaN1g is a forum troll-goblin. any forum that is near, never fear this troll-goblin will appear.