Yackle meaning and definition

Yackle meaning

A word usually said when something is funny or just becuase you want to say it. Also can be used as another form of yeah.

Yackle meaning

A socially awkward person who usually speaks in a nasally tone.

Yackle meaning

To impale or "shank" someones nutsack.

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Yackled meaning

When a person finds something gross extremely funny and they end up busting up laughing and vomiting at the same time. yack chuckled

yacklin meaning

The ultimate at sweffling. Sweffle A ginger anti-Canadian, with a strange rounded growth on his head (often called headphones), this fabled creature can be seen in captivity in the north-eastern United States. One may be lucky enough to spot the endangered yacklin roaming free once a month, when its captors release it so as to let it chill.

Yackling meaning

A combination of yacking off and cackling. It can be used as an adjective or verb to refer to a group of young people disturbing public peace through loud speech interlaced with grating laughter.

yackmuffin meaning

when you throwup in and around a girls muff and lick it out

yacko meaning

Slang for midget.