yaar meaning and definition

yaar meaning

hindi word for 'dude,' used to refer to acquaintances casually

yaar meaning

hindi equivilent of using "mate" when talking to a friend

yaar meaning

Dude,Friend or Man .An urdu slangword used by pakistanis,indians etc.Popularised by the indian and pakistani film industry.Used excessively by teenagers and may refer to anyone.

yaar meaning

desi hindi/urdu word for homie, friend, dude, etc

yaar meaning

Yes; affirmative.

yaar meaning

Hindi word that is equal to Americans saying "understand?", "ya know?", "you follow?" or "dig it?" in a conversation.

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Yaardar meaning

A yaar radar. Refers to a brown person's senses of detecting when another brown person is around.

yaardy meaning

A yaardy is a creature who is unique to Southern Ireland. He claims to be the defender of men; and is very violent. Yaardys are usually heavy drinkers, with the first Yardy said to be a chronic alcoholic.Most Yaardys live to be over five thousand years old and generally they are heterosexual, like overweight, ginger wowen. Honour is also very important to a Yaardy and if he percieves you to have no honour he will charge and "x factor" you, aiming to kill you. One thing which especially annoys a Yaardy is to kick him in conflict.Warning: Once kicked a Yaardy will become enraged.

yaari meaning

Yaari is a Punjabi Word . the mean of yaari word is FRIENDSHIP

Yaarrk meaning

A noise resembling a howling dog.

yaaseen meaning

Yaaseen is a sexy,black model that everyone's wants to be. He has a sexy jawline and fleeky eyebrows. He's a stormzy look alike and has a six pack. He's fit asf!!!!!😍😍😍😍