yacoub meaning and definition

yacoub meaning

Is a lit person from Algeria and is honest loyal and is usually cute funny and smart.

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Yacoubian meaning

The act of reaching a decision in an exceedingly slow, deliberate, indecisive, yet charming manner. An incredibly frustrating yet equally endearing indecisiveness.

Yacov meaning

A white, preppy-looking boy with blonde hair and green or blue eyes.

yacovelli meaning

A drug connoisseur of extremely high caliber, he has the tolerance of Ozzy Osbourne. Though his drug of choice is methamphetamines, he is skilled in all genres of exotic pharmaceuticals. Not to be mistaken for a lowly "dealer", Yacovelli need not distribute the drugs. The drugs distribute Yacovelli.

yacsmd meaning

Computer shorthand for: You all can suck my dick.

YACSPE meaning

An acronym for "You're A Cock Sucking Penis Eater"