Zabrina meaning and definition

Zabrina meaning

thoughtful, delightful and full of spunkiness. Zabrina wears her heart on her sleeve and would give you the shirt off her back. Caring, nurturing and full of life. Zabrina is a friend that you are lucky to have.

Zabrina meaning

There are 577 people with the first name "Zabrina" in the United States. -- Source: whitepages.comZabrina is a variation of Sabrina.There is a '90s Rap album labeled Zabrina. of the name "Zabrina" -- In English, the name Zabrina means- A PRINCESS.

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Zabrine meaning

a person who fails at arguing

Zabrolli meaning

The state of flashing green lights

zabroom meaning

Used to describing a moment of pure pleasure. A powerful and wonderful phrase that has even been known to give life on it's mention. Made popular in early 2008 by an evergrowing army of the Zabroom army

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Whore and or boss ass bitch

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Super hero